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Ajeet Singh Raina is an ARM Innovator, Docker Captain as well as Docker Community Leader for Docker Bangalore, the largest Docker meetup in the world with nearly 10,000 members.

Phone: 9740535000

Tarun Singh is an HPC engineer, a CEH, an LPT. Loves to follow his passion for new technologies such as Drones, 3D printing, secure and smart devices. Currently working on drone swarm and 3D modelling.

Phone: 9818992980

Shreyashri Biswas is an ardent electronics enthusiast, with an aim of expanding her knowledge as wide as possible.

Phone: 9871492867

Jayraj Roshan is a tech enthusiast at heart, never giving up on a chance to learn something new. He is currently working on IoT & Blockchain.

Phone: 9647849945

Arathy Jeevan is a passionate prototyper who enjoys developing with cutting edge technologies. She is currently working in IoT & ML.

Phone: 8848087963

Shriya Kapoor is an avid reader and a research enthusiast who has achieved laurels in many fields owing to her firm determination and persistence.

Phone: 7358402407

Abhishikta Panja is a tech enthusiast, an inquisitive researcher and her unending will to contribute to the society has brought her a long way.

Phone: 9123593764

Preetha Manohar is a Tech Enthusiast. She always look forward to incorporate research type of work and learning into her career and share her learning to the society.

Phone: 8248449782

Mayank Mrinal is an Electronics enthusiast, Epoxy Resin Artist, Arcade fan, and a massive Gearhead. He loves designing and creating things, CAD and 3D printing have proven to be his best buddies.

Phone: 8340411791